How To Get One Way Back Links From Other Webmasters

To be able to achieve success in the World Wide Web, you need traffic. Traffic, as has been said many times, is the lifeblood of any website. Without traffic, you can never achieve any profit in cyberspace.

The best way to generate the traffic that you need is by placing highly in the search engine results. And to do this, your website needs to have a high page rank. One of the more vital determinative factors of increasing your website’s page rank is the number of relevant back links pointing to your URL.

Now here’s the catch. It’s not as easy as exchanging back links with another webmaster. What you need is to gain one way back links from different sources. This is what search engines want. And this is what you should aim for.

How can you convince other webmasters to include a link of yours in their web pages? Here are some tactics you can employ.

- The best way to get some unilateral links is to ask other webmasters. You don’t have to employ subterfuge, as some of these webmasters will be kind enough to assent to your request. There’s no need to bribe them with all varieties of kindness even. You’ll be surprised with the sheer number of webmaster who will actually agree to your request. The important thing is that you try this route.

- Often however, it’s a “what’s in it for me” business. Offering a link back to his website usually does the trick, but then again, we’re after one way links here, not reciprocal ones. One of the better ways to win his assent is to offer him something that he needs for his website. We’re talking about content, of course, as every webmaster needs content. Write an article for him, and exclusively for him, with a subject that is relevant to his website. Then ask if you can include your link within the article. 90% of the time, such a webmaster will agree. How can he say no to free content?

- Another offer you can use as lure for webmasters for that vital virtual real estate that can host your website’s URL is an incentive program. If your website is selling some products, for example, you can tell the webmaster that you’d give the visitors that will come from his website a substantial discount. Such visitors will develop a sense of loyalty for the webmaster, and your proposition will be something that he’ll find difficult to dismiss.

- By far the best way to encourage webmasters from all over the World Wide Web to include your link in their web pages is by establishing an affiliate program. Such an affiliate program will reward these webmasters a specified commission for every sale they will manage to refer. John Reese, in one of his amazing Traffic Secrets conventions, said that if you’re not using affiliate programs, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Indeed, affiliate programs are the most efficient and the most expedient way of building your back links.

- Viral marketing is the next most effective way of gaining some back links, and this time, you won’t even have to actively invite people to include your URL in their web pages. Viral marketing comes in many forms. Just take a look at which provides a slew of cool additions for blog users. Because of the very interesting nature of what it provides, the website garners thousands of visitors per day without even having to advertise them. It’s all word of mouth. MySpace grew the same way. It’s system is viral in nature, and it expanded by nature as well.




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