Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Internet Marketing is a new term. It's all about optimizating the content in your website in such a way that search engines find it, rank it, and place it high on a list of results. We consult with you on writing your web pages so they provide just what your customers want and simultaneoulsy enable search engines to find the pages.
However, search engines don't automatically crawl through your website. To begin, your website must be submitted to these search engines. Each search engine has software routines that look at pages in certain structured ways and ranks them according to what it finds. If the structure and content isn't what it's optimally looking for, than your website will rank low or won't be found.
Everyday there seems to more information about what it takes to improve a web page rankings. We keep on top of this. As our client, we will be on top of this for you. We will monitor your site's visibility in the internet and grow your presence. This is accomplished through site statistic reports and other analytical tools. It is work. We'll be there for you.

Five Steps that Grows Your Web Presence

The following will help you understand how we work the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) approach with you.

1.  Pick a Target Phrase

We help you pick a target phrase by using tools that assess popularity and aids in brainstorming ideas for target phrases, including how the competitiors use the target phrase you're after.
Determine one phrase that describes what your page is about and should:
  • Be an important part of the page information
  • Accurately describe the page's contents
  • Use common, popular descriptions

2.  Analyze Your Competition

We test drive your phrase in popular search engines. The next step in search engine optimization is to determine who your competition is at the page level.

3.  Write Your Page

We keep on top of the latest techniques search engines are using to see web pages, We can help you write the content for your web pages. There are techniques that go beyond placing words and phrases in the meta tags of web documents.

4.  Promote Your Page

We review your page content carefully and advise on any necessary editorial improvements. Your chosen target phrase is important. Promoting refers how you write the links on pages and the number of times the phrase is used on a page.

5.  Check Your Results and Tweak

Major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo crawls web sites on a regular basis . Our goal is to help your web site get to the first or second page of search results. Optimizing web pages should be a continual process of refinement. Submitting your website to search engines should be a regular process.

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